We want to thank you all for standing with us, supporting us and thus bringing in together the global harvest. Your investment literally reaches »unto the ends of the earth« ... and even more: It helps to »throw« precious gems into world missions and to send out missionaries. Have a look and see what your gifts bring about:

Seed and Harvest



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HELP International, Inc., based in Lüdenscheid is the home base of all international HELP ministries. From here we are carrying out lots of work, e.g. handling donations, staff, organization, seminars, conferences, etc. However, this is just one part ...

Training & Sending out
HELP International has a distinct commission and vision: Training missionaries and sending them into all the world. In close cooperation with all international branches as well as with the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid, we are training potential missionaries, organize and run international outreaches (short- and long-term), go alongside and train leaders of our international branches, organize and run seminars and conferences and we send relief goods into areas of calamity.

HELP International, Inc. is the missionay organization of FCJG Lüdenscheid – we are ONE community with ONE mutual commissionj. Though we are living in different places, we are all serving the same purpose. As missionary organization we are guest member of the Diakonische Werk Deutschland and member of the APCM.

Online Donations and Wire transfers

You are welcome to donate towards HELP International e.V. in Germany. Please indicate the specific purpose of your donation so we can forward the money accordingly. For those living in Germany we are issuing donation receipts in the beginning of each year for the prior year.


HELP International e.V.

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Your online donation will be credited to following account:
Deutsche Bank PGK
IBAN: DE50 4507 0024 0262 6265 00

However, you may also carry out manual wire transfers to following account:
Sparkasse Lüdenscheid
IBAN: DE94 4585 0005 0000 1887 14

When donating to these accounts, please do not forget to mention the means of purpose (e.g. ›for general expenses‹ or ›for mercy ministries‹ or just name the nation your donation should go to).



How secure is my data?

Our online donation form is secured with the latest SSL encoding transmission. Thus sensitive data, i.e. your bank details, cannot be seen by anyone during the transmission process.

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