Outreach in Cubao

Rehab outreach smallMy name is Markus, and I´m staying in the drug rehab from Help International for one year. We are living together with the people who seek help and disciple them in their new lives with God. Every Thursday we have an outreach going to the streets to share with people about the hope we found in Christ! This time we were in Cubao, a place in Manila.

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Revival at THE ROCK!

RockRevival1It started out as another normal feeding / showering afternoon at The Rock. What wasn't normal though was that one teenie boy started asking me about the Bible! Then when we gathered them to worship and share God's word, Jake, a regular visitor said he had an experience.


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Nursing infants gurgle choruses

noahsFrom the HELP ministry for infants Noah's Ark in Manila.
In Noah's Ark we ended the day with prayer for three sick babies. Then we sang and danced, the kids couldn't get enough. It was contagious to see their joy and diaper covered behinds sway to the songs. Read Psalm 8.2 nursing infants gurgle choruses about you, toddlers shout the songs that drown out enemy talk and silence atheist babble.