No more nightmares!

AlbtraeumeOne of the little girls at the Father's House used to have horrible nightmares.
She has been through a lot before we took her in.
Often times she would sleepwalk and at the same time scream at the top of her lungs so that all other girls would be scared aswell. There were nights where she would have several nightmares.


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Designed for growth

house sFrom the SET FREE CENTER Manila:

Over the last two years we have grown as Rehab-Ministry. So when we heard that our friends in the neighboring building were about to move out, we immediately expressed our interest. But ahead of us, there were also other people who had already expressed the same. So we just prayed and waited for several months until we got the assurance to move in last July 1.

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God touches us deeply

cross sOver the recent weeks, we in the rehab have experienced how our Father in Heaven touches the hearts of our "guests" in deep ways. There were some who experienced God healing them physically. For example, somebody who had pain in his shoulders for many years can now move freely. There were also others who experienced internal healing and reconciliation with their families. It has been great to be on the move with the Holy Spirit!

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