I am free!

Fellowship RehabWhile I was in my After Care, I backslid. So I was very happy when I attended the Music & Arts Summit (Seminar), where I was given the chance to meet God again. While we were worshipping altogether, I realized that someone was praying over me. I felt the strong presence of God and I fell down. Some more people came to pray. I was not aware of what all happened on that day. I just remember releasing several loud cries.

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Its more fun in the Philippines

TaclobanTeamIt's more fun in the Philippines!

We have to say this statement (Popular tourism slogan) is true. The three weeks outreach we had there was just great. We first spent time with the team here in Manila. We got the opportunity to see and be a part of their different ministries (Father's House, The Rock, and the Set Free center). We experienced the Holy Spirit moving in a new wave. There were healings and renewing of hearts and a real hunger for Jesus. It was amazing to see how friendly the Filipinos are. They welcomed us so warmly. It was easy to connect and have relationships with them.

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Music & Art

MusicArt3All of Help International community in the Philippines, including the Father's House and the Set Free Center prepared for our retreat in Rizal. When all was packed, we drove for three hours through the mountains to reach our venue. Finally, beautiful green grass, hundreds of coconut trees, different sports possibilities, and a cool slide to a swimming pool welcomed us at the resort. On top of that, everybody enjoyed the Buffet. Eat all you can.


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