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1991, we came to Manila to set up a drug rehabilitation ministry. Statistics show that there are approximately 10 million drug addicts in the Philippines. One out of ten persons is a drug user. They are often placed in prisons or government rehabilitation centers which are overcrowded and run by the military. Private centers cost approximately US$1000, only affordable to the rich.

Rehab all


Since our Set Free center opened in December 1992, we have taken in more than 300 drug dependents. We have a Christian approach and operate in a family-like setting. Healing and restoration are available for everyone who comes. Ten former drug dependents are now working with us and have become pillars of the ministry; others are involved in similar works. Many others are working and have become productive individuals in society.



Manuel's Story: Life or Death?

ManuelOne evening when I was already in the rehab, I was silently praying in a room of 10 persons, expressing to God that I wanted to search Him, tears rolling down my cheeks. At times when I felt weak, I would just admit I couldn't live without God, and He made me strong. I experienced his acceptance, abundant love, and his amazing forgiveness. I knew I needed his healing and deliverance deep within me. As time went on, I developed the desire to know Jesus even more and became hungry to read and memorize God's Word. I was lead well in counseling and received guidance. I felt so relived and clean after going through a detailed life confession. I could not simply keep them to myself. I started to pass on to others what I received. more ...





The Philippine Drug Enforement Agency

"The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency would like to extend our deep appreciation. It is a blessing to see how many drug addicts in our society have been set free through your services. May the coming years be even more successful than the last."

(Sarah C. Bellosillo, MD)



More about the Set Free Center

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Set Free CrewThe Set Free Center is a drug rehabilitation that caters for:
Male clients, ages 18 to 35 years old
Addicted to any kind of illegal substances, i.e. Shabu, Marijuana, Couph Syrup, Ecstacy, Solvent, Rugby, etc.
We do not accept alcoholics or individuals with gambling or internet addiction except when mixed with above mentioned drug addiction.

Our location and contact information

Set Free Center is located in Victoria Valley, Antipolo (near Valley Golf clubhouse and golf course).
The best way to reach us from EDSA is: take Ortigas Avenue, past Cainta Junction and enter Valley Golf Subdivision on the left side of Ortigas Ave. Extn. You may ask the guard for further directions.

Our address
HELP International/CMC
2, Red Finch Drive
Victoria Valley
Antipolo City
Tel. No.: 02 658 4895
Fax No.: 02 658 0529
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Feel free to contact us for a visit.

SchuheThe size and set-up of our center is ...
... a family set-up – we can accommodate up to 18 clients (guests).
Part of the staff lives in the house ... because community life is important to us.
We are a private Christian organization doing voluntary work. The gate is open to anyone who wants to leave; we have no guards. That's why it's important that clients/guests apply on a strictly voluntary basis; they need to show their willingness and desire to change. When it is only the family members' desire, it is most likely that the clients/guests will eventually leave. We are not a lock-up facility or a jail.

cross sOur program includes
We are a Christian community. The center of our belief is that Jesus can help everyone who wants help. He died on the cross for all our sins, weaknesses and bondages. We start each day with devotional meetings and regularly hold Bible studies etc.
One on one counseling is an important part of our program.
A daily routine is also important for a guest/client to introduce him to a normal lifestyle. They are assigned to a work area like kitchen, house cleaning, gardening, house maintenance and renovation, laundry, livestock, etc.
For physical wellness and recreations, we play sports like basketball and volleyball; we go for walks and play board / group games, etc.

UhrzeigerThe length of our program is
It is a long-term program, varying from 12 to 15 months on a case to case basis.
A client/guest can be drug-free in a few months but more time is required for a client/guest to be able to function in a drug-free condition permanently.
After completing one year in the program favorably, we offer an 'After-Care' Program. The client/guest moves to a separate house to live independently with others. They are still connected to the Set Free Center but are free to go to school or work and experience the challenges of 'normal life'.

Mass 2The cost of joining our program
We are a registered SEC a charitable non-profit NGO. Therefore, we offer our services to everyone, in a partnership with the family and relatives of the person applying. Besides the interview of the applicant, we will discuss the responsibility of the family and relatives, which also includes finances and moral support.


Interested parties may inquire and apply by following this procedure
1- The client/guest is required to call personally and ask for help.
2- After a few telephone conversations, he will be scheduled for an interview at the Set Free Center. Family members and/or a close friend may join him and have the chance to see the center.
3- Fill in and submit the application form.
4- Undergo a medical check-up and X-ray for TB cases. Should the client/guest be found positive for any diseases, treatment and admittance to the center will be discussed.
5- If both parties agree, newcomers are admitted on Mondays.