Father's House

logo-fathershouseIn 2001 we rented a house in the inner city of Manila and called it the Father's House. It is a home for neglected, abused and/or orphaned children and adolescents aged six years and up.

Through our street outreaches, relationships and by building friendships to the people, we became aware that there was a need for more.

These children and youth need a home where there is security as well as nurturing. Only then would we be able to get them off the streets and give them a better perspective for life.


David KuecheSince 2007 we have moved to a suburb of Manila and are permanently living together with 25 to 30 children and youth who have found a home with us. We are a Geman-Filipino community and live together as an extended family. All children at the Father's House are traumatized, i.e. through loss of parents, abuse or severe neglect, and they are all desperate for emotional healing.




TutorThe Philippines also require compulsory education, however, many of the Father's House kids have never been to school. Every child has the opportunity to enjoy attending school and further education, and we are supporting and are going alongside them until they are starting their working career and are able to move on on their own.





Kids GartenEven though we understand our community to be an extended family, every child at the Father's House has a biological family. We are trying to re-integrate the children to their families if these are still existant and if this relationship serves the children for their good. Furthermore, we are intensely reaching out to the parents and offer adivce and help in difficult family situations. Orphans as well as severely neglected children can find a permanent home with the Father's House.