City Mission

Metro Manila - the capital city of the Philippines - counts between 9 to 12 million inhabitants. More than half of these are children and youth. Accodring to estimations there are approx. 80,000 children and youth living and working in the streets. Often times they have run away from home for being unwelcome, or because their parents couldn't take care of them. Some were born on the street due to the fact that their parents were street kids themselves. It is hard to cut off this vicious cirle of poverty, neglect and indicipline. Many of these kids get high on glue, beg, steal or sell their bodies in order to survive - without the slightest hope for change. In the past 15 years children prostrituion has more than doubled.


The City Mission is a branch of HELP Philippines CMC. The emphasis is: ministry among street kids, evangelism among drug addicts and prostitutes in Manila. Our teams regularly go to the streets and slums to visit the street kids and drug addicts, to distribute food and build friendship.



Banner The Rock

Since the end of 2011, THE ROCK has been our drop-in center in one of Metra Manila's combustion points. It has become a refuge for many street kids whom we have sometimes known for years through outreaches. THE ROCK is also a bridge to the Father's House, especially for the little ones. However, not all children and youth are willing and ready to immediately adjust to the structured lifestyle at the Father's House. And not always there is a vacancy immediately available in order to accept some long-term. Through THE ROCK we are able to keep in touch with and build friendship to the children and youth thus helping them and and giving advice in case they ask for it.


THE ROCK is not only a drop-in center for children and youth, but also a center where we hold our regular services which we are calling ROCK FEST.


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