About us

HELP International was founded in 1992 and is ventured with FCJG Lüdenscheid (Free Christian Youth Community) in Germany, overseeing the international ministry branches of FCJG.


HELP International is investing into personal and practical counsel of leaders, overseeing administration of the international branches and running conferences, seminars, etc. that serve the purpose of the organization - often in cooperation with FCJG Lüdenscheid as well as other missions organizations.


Furthermore HELP International is taking care of preparation, sending out and councelling of short- and long-term missionaries, and the organization is supporting the foundation and establishment of new branches.

From its very beginnings we aimed to follow Jesus' Great Commission in Matthew 28 and to meet the manifold needs of peoply by serving them in any possible way. Drug rehabilitation as well as ministries among streetkids, inmates and homeless have developed to become an emphasis in each branch.

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Until today approx. 100 co-workers have been sent to eight nations in Asia, Europe and the USA, and we could win many locals who are ministering alongside us. In each branch of HELP International we are emphazising to minister to the poor, needy and very much to streetkids. They are getting healed - physically, mentally and emotionally - and we counsel and support them in the process of resocialization.

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So far HELP International has donated and distributed 564 tons of relief goods to areas of calamity as well as provided financial and practical help, i.e. in Mongolia, in an earthquake area in Turkey, in former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan as well as other nations.




Right now there are around 200 kids in a school sponsorship programme which enables them to enjoy schooling. By means of conferences and seminars we could reach approx. 15,000 participants of which over 1,200 took part in international short-term outreaches.