ARF Wien

You couldn´t be part of the conference in Vienna? Our friends from ERF Austria and Glaubensimpulse streames all sessions from Saturday.
Here you can watch the sessions from APOSTOLIC REVIVAL FIRE!

HELP Vienna on outreach at HELP Austin/USA

TEXAS: tropical heat, huge streets, steak & barbecque, scorpions but NO rattelsnakes, amazing nature ...

OUTREACH: worship with Americans - feel like home, intersession for Austin, bringing Gods love to the streets, financial miracles, healings and a lot of practical work

FAMILY:  All or our team from HELP-FCJG Vienna came to HELP for all Nations in Austin, to support wherever we could.

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The only Christian in the midst of 400 Muslims

R-Masih - KopieMashi comes from Pakistan. Thrilled about Jesus he told everyone he could about His Jesus. One Muslim neighbor, an influential man, threatened me: "Stop talking about your Jesus or you will regret it!" But he couldn't stop. A few weeks later he was captured by 4 men, dragged into a car. Suddenly the man who had threatened me drew a knife and slit my throat. While I was falling another man shot at my chest and they left me lying in my own blood, presumably thinking me dead. Masih is now a part of our community and we can't imagine life without him!

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The Gospel on the soccerfield

rp primary WS15 Gabriele DribbleThe Houghton Women's Soccer Team is comming to the IHOP Vienna! These outstanding women's soccer team of the University of Houghton (New York USA) reaches many people with the gospel on the soccer field.
They do excellent sport and serve Jesus wholehearted. From 21 May 2016, they will be with us in Vienna and Salzburg. We are looking forward to meet you!

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