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21. - 23. October 2016 in VIENNA
For a long time the church of God has been praying for revival in Vienna, Austria, and Europe! The longing for transformation and reformation is growing in all Christians. The Holy Spirit hovers over those who have desire, hunger, and thirst for HIM!
We want to give room and prepare the way for the Spirit of God to fill us with the abundance of the heavenly blessings.

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The Gospel on the soccerfield

rp primary WS15 Gabriele DribbleThe Houghton Women's Soccer Team is comming to the IHOP Vienna! These outstanding women's soccer team of the University of Houghton (New York USA) reaches many people with the gospel on the soccer field.
They do excellent sport and serve Jesus wholehearted. From 21 May 2016, they will be with us in Vienna and Salzburg. We are looking forward to meet you!

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Immediate Answer to Prayer

Stephansdom HELP Team

We were at the Prater, to tell people about Jesus. During the conversation with a woman I had imagined her standing in her kichen and cooking. Yes, she liked prayer for a job because she was unemployed. And yes, she is trained cook!

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And suddenly something unbelievable happened…

Paul-Friedel-webAddicted to drugs. Addicted to alcohol. Filled with rage. Hopeless. Depressed. Tired out.

When I was a little child, one of my mothers boyfriends always grabbed me by my neck and held me out of the window and threatened to drop me if I were not to do what he commanded. My Mother screamed for help, but when our neighbours saw me they would just start to clap enthusiastically. We were often picked up by the police or stayed there over night. At the age of six I started burning thing and shooting glass bottles on the highways. When I was eleven I had my first alcohol intoxication and started to smoke. I had my first joint when I was 14 ...
And suddenly something unbelievable happened:
Now I have been clean since march 2015. I do not dring or smoke cigarettes anymore. It is beautiful. I am so thankful and want to invite you to experience this holy release.

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